The outcome of an ASLON search is
more than the placement of
an exceptional leader.

It is an outcome that pays continued dividends. We are proud of our leaders the day they sign on and over the years their impact is realized in financial, cultural, and organizational reward. ASLON has delivered many executives who have advanced to become senior leaders of billion dollar companies. By selecting leaders of character – functional experts who bring a sense of integrity to their work – we raise the bar of leadership and executive search to a level that resonates with our client’s culture and ideals.

One way to show the power of our work is with results. Here are some of ASLON’s metrics:


More than 90% of our placements are still employed by the client three or more years after being hired. A committed, values-based approach brings a committed, values-based leader.

Completion Rate

Our 93% Completion Rate directly correlates with our committed approach to executive search. The other 7%? Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to tell you all about our experience.

1st Slate

When nearly 90% of projects are completed from the first short list presented, it means the process is tight and the understanding of the client is spot on.

Repeat Business

The majority of our work represents repeat business with our installed client base. This speaks to the trusting, deep relationships that are the heart and soul of our business.

Rick Sisko, President,…

"ASLON has enabled us to land highly qualified leaders who have fit right into the culture of our family owned business. Tim and his team have worked hard to understand how we operate and who we are so as to become significant partners in building our executive team."

Rick Sisko, President, Sandridge Foods
Yitzhak Apeloig, Board…

"My colleagues and I appreciated ASLON’s work on all fronts. They supported us from halfway across the world in the most important search assignment our company has ever had. The service they provided added so much value because they gained our trust and became our friends. I would enjoy working with their team again for future leadership needs at any of our businesses.”

Yitzhak Apeloig, Board of Directors, CGW Abrasives
Joe Wright, CEO…

“I found the process to be much more focused and directed than what we had experienced previously with contingent searches or personal referrals. ASLON helped us recognize the job characteristics that were most critical to this position and as the search progressed, our clarity about what we really wanted improved continually. ASLON provided a truly professional dimension that our relatively small company simply does not possess.”

Joe Wright, CEO Master Chemical
Andy Harris, CEO…

“The ASLON process was impressive to help us find the candidates who fit our position and culture, and ultimately the best fit.  Most specifically, ASLON took the time, effort and resources to understand our organization, our culture and the specific needs for the position.  They interviewed our various team members and crafted a thoughtful position summary and plan to find the best candidates.  Then ASLON implemented the plan and communicated updates very well throughout the process.  In the end, we found several great candidates, and were satisfied with ASLON.”

Andy Harris, CEO Accella Performance Materials
Vice President and…

"I was impressed with the detail and rigor ASLON placed on defining the proposed opportunity in terms of its challenges and expectations. It was clear that much planning had been completed prior to my engagement, and I was convinced ASLON had a deep understanding of the material and intangible requirements of the position both now and in the future. They were just as interested in my goals and ability to step in and succeed as they were in meeting their client’s needs."

Vice President and General Manager, Placed Candidate
Vice President Finance,…

"I know ASLON always leans toward representing the client, but I felt you were representing my best interests too and kept me focused on the big picture. I appreciated your frank and honest consultation throughout it all."

Vice President Finance, Placed Candidate