ASLON leads projects from Shanghai to Mumbai, from Prague to Montreal…

ASLON is a boutique executive search firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. Our partnership with the International Executive Search Federation (IESF) gives our service extraordinary range. Joined by colleagues representing multiple countries, we provide a synchronous path to identifying global leadership. We leverage regional expertise with search experts headquartered across major global cities with an emphasis on emerging markets. The IESF is the largest retained executive search group in the world, identifying talent and leadership in 80 local offices and over 20 countries globally.

Global executive search projects require an understanding of international cultures, governments, financial exchanges, and complex organizations. ASLON delivers leaders who have not only international experience, but a record of leadership across cultures and organizations.

We attribute much of our success in global executive search to the heart of our mission in all projects. It is through our relationships around the world that we deliver on both the caliber of leader we champion and the regional expertise that secures the global fit. This dynamic of leadership assessment and trusted relationship building is what helps ASLON deliver solutions on a global scale.


The Global Search Challenge

Despite the boom of communication and technology connecting every corner of the earth, global businesses struggle to hire leaders whose influence can integrate with emerging markets and cultivate regional opportunity. Companies often do not have provincial expertise or “boots on the ground” to form indigenous partnerships that strengthen global growth. This leaves top decision makers struggling to identify leaders who can influence the region, foster organic growth, and deliver on international goals. According to a 2012 McKinsey & Company study, even high-performing global companies suffer to form a “shared vision” while partnering with local businesses and governments. It proves difficult to truly understand local culture or compete with local enterprise when the leaders themselves are distinct from the region they seek to engage.

The Global Search Solution

The solution is to launch an executive search with global relationships already established. Deep international partnerships cannot be formed artificially over one transaction. Instead, agile, multi-country coordination is best done by close colleagues who know their countries and agree on the shared vision. ASLON has been building global relationships for more than decade. We began by leading Asian and European executive search projects for our U.S.- based clients as they developed operations overseas. We have since grown to lead searches for clients across the globe. Our deep, trusted partnerships with search experts around the world, and our global understanding of leadership demands, has enabled us to become a premier provider of international executive leadership. United with our IESF partners, ASLON facilitates broad success in delivering leaders for the modern, global business landscape.

IESF specializes in these sectors:

  • Agri Business
  • Apparel & Luxury
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Banking, Financial & Business Services
  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Energy & Environment
  • Oil & Gas
  • Retail & FMCG
  • IT & Technology
  • Leadership & Board Services
  • Logistics & Transport
  • IESF Africa Centre of Excellence