A true partnership requires integrity and trust.

ASLON has been forming executive teams for more than 20 years. Our mission is to deliver world-class leaders, and its crux is in the relationships we build. Deep partnership and personal assessment are integral to every ASLON search. We blend tenacious recruiting practices with leadership advisory to assure that we deliver exceptional leaders who bring return on investment. We identify functional experts, assess the intangible qualities of leadership, and deliver executives who are primed to enhance company culture, strategy, and vision.

To deliver executives of this caliber, ASLON builds partnerships of integrity and trust.

Under the stewardship of ASLON’s Managing Director, Tim Smith, every project receives the personal service necessary for trust and understanding. We guarantee direct and consultative communication with an advisor dedicated to our client’s project and long-term goals. We share their vision, help define their objectives, and deliver on our promise of partnership.

What we promote in our practice is what we seek in our candidates.

The finest executives have an internal commitment to something greater than themselves. ASLON uncovers the intangible qualities of a leader – the ambition, humility, solidarity, vision, and character of those who cultivate success for their organization. ASLON commits to a comprehensive search process tailored to our client’s vision. ASLON presents top-tier candidates, whom we have come to know as well.

Leaders balance ambition and humility.

ASLON is honored by the guidance of our partners and the exceptional candidates, clients, advisors and friends who bring great value to our work. Trusted relationships, whether brief and informative, or deep and visionary, resonate with authentic leaders of all kinds.

Get to know our Leadership Team and our growing client portfolio.

Allow us to form a true partnership with you. We welcome you to explore our Thought Leadership page and to contact us with any questions or comments. We look forward to meeting you.


Timothy Smith is the Managing Director
and Founder of ASLON,
whose mission is to be the
leading integrity-based retained
search firm. Read More