The Succession Plan

The Succession Plan


ASLON Advisory Board member John DuRoss believes that, “as companies grow, a well-conceived succession plan is necessary for an orderly transition that guarantees the transfer of knowledge and company culture.” Some of the most critical searches are for an executive with the potential to move vertically in the organization, someone who will assume increased responsibility and realize the succession plan.

It is an opportunity for the right firm to add tremendous value. ASLON collaborates closely within the organization, becoming a sounding board for critical decision makers and providing unique marketplace intelligence as an outside partner. This partner-relationship is integral to prudent executive search, especially when the goal is to fit a pressing functional need that also addresses a presumptive changing of the guard.

In our work with Enerco Group Inc., we were honored to offer that perspective. ASLON was to bring a new Senior Vice President of Sales who would assume increasing prominence in the company.



Based in Cleveland, Ohio, EGI has been manufacturing award-winning technological heating products like “Mr. Heater,” that are sold into the big box retailers, for over 40 years. For this project, their new SVP of Sales would be expected to continue profitable sales and market share growth while coordinating all current sales activities for the company. A sales driven culture was hallmark to EGI’s success, and they wanted to continue that culture in the leader they sought.

But this executive would need more than proven sales and marketing expertise. This individual would have to have run a business before and would exhibit the capacity to take on top-level responsibilities, perhaps even taking the top spot in the company over time.

The challenge? Making the right cultural fit.

Only by consulting closely with EGI’s executive suite would a search consultant be able to properly assess the culture of the organization and place a best fit for the functional need and long-term leadership goal.



The ASLON process includes organizational and cultural assessment. From this analysis we compose foundational Position Profile and Search Strategy documents that articulate functional, cultural and experiential requirements for the ideal candidate.

In this case, we fostered genuine relationships with EGI’s CEO, ts President and key shareholders to paint the full picture of leadership and company growth.

We then set about finding someone who could assimilate to the sales-oriented culture and match functional need; we focused on the consumer products industry, speaking with individuals who had P&L leadership experience and a record of personal evolution in business.

ASLON was pleased to help EGI recruit Jeffrey Bush as SVP of Sales for Enerco Group. Jeff brought a unique blend of sales and operations experience to EGI, having progressed through engineering and operations positions to high level sales, marketing and general management roles. He integrated into the company quickly and had a huge impact on team members, customers, and executive leadership. He was liked by all, and is quickly on a succession track with increased prominence in the company. Thanks to ASLON’s personalized process, this person had chemistry with the President, Vice Chairman, and organization as a whole. To be sure, cultural affinity is essential to the right succession plan.

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