The Importance of Advisory Boards

“Plans fail without counsel, but with many advisors they succeed.” – King Solomon

An advisory board can be a strong asset to organizations, according to Tim Smith, who speaks from personal experience. After working for a top-10 executive search firm for several years, he founded the ASLON Group in 2001. His first and most important initiative was the creation of his advisory board, Tim says.

“Starting my own advisory board is probably the single most important thing I’ve done to contribute to the success of ASLON. My board has been an impartial sounding board for me. They’ve brought outside expertise and perspective that has been incredibly insightful,” he says. “It’s proven to be tremendously helpful to have these executives looking at my issues and my challenges, adding their wisdom and experiences to my business.”

Tim suggests an advisory board be comprised of a small group of business leaders from different professions who share in the goals, values, and vision of the company. A board can even serve to promote those values back to its leaders by holding them accountable. Tim refers to his board as “advisors with a backbone” because of their strength and expectations.

“Nobody else asks me the tough questions forcing me to reflect on my business. And no one requires accountability to our goals and vision like our board does – not even our clients.”

ASLON Advisory Board Mission Statement: Provide ASLON with access to a group of mentors, advisors, door-openers and critical thinkers, who share our passion for honoring God, while developing a sustainable search firm that delivers leaders of character and value..