Orckestra Appoints Two Top Leaders

ASLON is pleased to announce that Orckestra Inc., a Montreal-based leading provider of .NET e-commerce products, has appointed two new leaders to take their global sales and marketing strategy to the next level as they seek to grow their market share in the US and worldwide. Alain Poirier serves as their new Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Gary Guy their Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director, US.

Alain joins Orckestra from eBay Enterprise, where he served as Vice President of Enterprise Sales, Americas. He has spent most of his career delivering global sales success for companies in the enterprise software application environment, such as Aldata Solutions, Sterling Commerce (which was acquired by IBM) and Manhattan Associates. He received his MBA from Indiana University – Purdue University and his Bachelor’s from Waterloo University in Ontario, Canada.

Throughout Gary’s career, he has built teams and run businesses in both the public and private sectors across all retail channels. He has served in marketing and e-commerce leadership roles with Hewlett Packard, PC Mall, eCost.com and PFSWeb. Gary received his MBA from California State University in Long Beach and his Bachelor’s from the University of California, Irvine.

“Our strategy was to first find a sales leader to expand our market share in North America and Europe” explained Louis Fournier, Orckestra’s President and CEO. “Our next step was to find a CMO and leader for the US, and we were pleased to secure both of these key executives by partnering with ASLON. The process was swift and efficient and we are thrilled that Alain and Gary have joined the Orckestra team.”

We at ASLON are grateful to all of those who contributed to the successful completion of this critical search, which resulted in two strong commercial leaders for Orckestra. We spoke to many people who offered advice, referrals, expressed interest or even just took the time to listen to our request, and we sincerely thank you.

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