Motorola Executive Joins IDEAL

ASLON is pleased to announce that IDEAL INDUSTRIES has appointed Jeff Miller as Group President, Technology, a new division which has been created to lead the company’s portfolio of advanced solutions for enhancing spaces – including wireless lighting controls, state-of-the-art charging systems and software. Jeff will report directly to the CEO and is charged with building a business around these new products, expanding market share, and leading its long term strategic plan.

IDEAL is a 100-year-old, global, family owned company rooted in the design and manufacture of products and systems for professional tradesmen across various industries.

Jeff is an accomplished consumer electronics executive having held several sales and general management leadership roles in his 17-year career with Motorola, most recently serving as Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Motorola Mobility’s North American Operations. Previously, Jeff worked in sales and marketing roles with AT&T and later grew a Silicon Valley technology startup, Somera Communications, an equipment and solutions provider for global telecom operators. His interest in technology startup companies has been fueled by his involvement with 1871, a technology incubator in Chicago, where he will remain as a board member. Jeff earned his MBA from Ohio State University and his Bachelor degree in Business from Miami University.

We at ASLON are grateful to all of those who contributed to the successful completion of this critical search for IDEAL. We spoke to many people who offered advice, referrals, expressed interest or even just took the time to listen to our request, and we sincerely thank you.