Glenroy Board of Directors Appoints CEO

ASLON is pleased to announce that Glenroy has named Tom Danneker as President and Chief Executive Officer. Glenroy is a third generation, family owned and privately held supplier of high-quality flexible packaging solutions based in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

Tom, a long-time resident of Wisconsin, has been leading the Glenroy team since November and the Board of Directors have already seen the positive impact his leadership style has had on the organization. He came to Glenroy from a mid-sized, family owned company, Klement Sausage, where he served as President and CEO. Tom has held senior executive positions at both large, global food producers, including Smithfield Foods and Johnsonville, as well as smaller, privately held entities including Vista Packaging. Johnsonville experienced dramatic growth during Tom’s tenure there, and he was involved in developing their culture, known as “The Johnsonville Way.” Glenroy’s Board is excited about Tom’s considerable experience building sales organizations and manufacturing locations in competitive markets.

“I look forward to working with everyone at Glenroy to ultimately create the most value for our customers and our company,” said Tom.

According to third generation family owner and Board member Amy Jablonka Nelson, “With our strong knowledge base and Tom’s leadership experience, together we will take great strides and accomplish amazing things for many years to come.”

We at ASLON are grateful to all of those who contributed to the successful completion of this critical search for Glenroy. We spoke to many people who offered advice, referrals, or expressed interest, and we sincerely thank you.

Glenroy specializes in supplying flexible packaging laminations and innovative stand-up pouches to customers ranging from small manufacturers to Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries, including health & hygiene care, pharmaceuticals and food. As an essential manufacturer they are operating as normal meeting their customers’ needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, while remaining focused on the safety of their employees. Glenroy’s overall success can be attributed to their long-term brand which has built a reputation for providing great customer solutions and quality on-time products.