Expanding Global Footprint

Expanding Global Footprint


Master Chemical is an industry leading metalworking fluids manufacturer. ASLON’s first search with Master Chemical was to provide a General Manager to execute on significant business growth and continued improvement of the sales, marketing, and manufacturing processes. ASLON identified and delivered this executive, who later became President and CEO.

ASLON subsequently worked with Master Chemical on a number of search projects that professionalized their executive team and broadened their scope. Our deep partnership and shared vision soon focused on a critical search for global leadership.

Master Chemical had developed a recognizable domestic brand in the USA and was migrating that brand to the worldwide metalworking community. Meanwhile, ASLON fostered deep and trusting relationships with Master Chemical’s Advisory Board and top executive team. With our knowledge of their business, culture, and leadership, we boldly launched the search for a new Managing Director of India.



A global search process must not be limited to the customs and knowledge of the parent entity but must be rooted authentically in the region of development. Master Chemical’s strategic plan needed a leader to drive the company into a new, large market, while building a brand and a business for the Indian region. This project was centered on an emerging market and required more than top-down thinking.

The challenge? Regional search expertise in the country of India.

Our solution required a two pronged approach: first, identify and deliver a leader whose professional experience and cultural knowledge would fit Master Chemical’s vision, positioning the company for robust growth in India and the eventual building of their own manufacturing facility. Second, ASLON would reach out to our strong partner from Confiar Global, Vivek Ahuja, for native leadership search expertise. Not only would we deliver a top-tier candidate to launch Master Chemical’s greenfield business in India, we would put the pieces in place for the Managing Director to recruit a team of managers native to the region. This would build the brand locally and foster growth from the bottom-up, as well as top-down.



ASLON and Master Chemical were pleased to announce the placement of the new Managing Director of India for Master Chemical Corporation. He brought proficient engineering and regional expertise to oversee the building of and operations within a manufacturing facility in Pune, India. The Managing Director was responsible for the overall design, implementation and improvement of the operations, sales, marketing and new business development for the entire country of India for Master Chemical.

Furthermore, ASLON’s IESF global partnership in the Czech Republic brought Master Chemical executive leadership in Prague and, through the alliance detailed herein, an entire team in India including Directors of Sales, Finance and Purchasing.

Over the course of years and numerous search projects for executive talent and Board of Directors leadership, Joe Wright, Chairman of the Board of Master Chemical, reviewed the ASLON process this way:

“I found the process to be much more focused and directed than what we had experienced previously with contingent searches or personal referrals. [ASLON] helped us recognize the job characteristics that were most critical to each position and as the search progressed, our clarity about what we really wanted improved continually…I am pleased to say that we did fill many positions, and we are extremely satisfied with the results. I would not hesitate to use The ASLON Group again and would recommend them for any position matching their areas of focus.”


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