ASLON brings Leadership Advisory to Executive Search

When the search firm fully understands the company into which they are recruiting leaders, they can add value in many ways. The firm will add an outsider’s perspective on organizational change while recruiting executives that will integrate, complement, and positively impact the culture. An experienced advisor will act as a sounding board with marketplace intelligence and provide the priceless perspective of an engaged, yet objective partner. ASLON’s Leadership Advisory expertise adds value to every executive search.

CEO & Executive Succession Planning

Succession planning and transition for the CEO is naturally one of the greatest challenges and responsibilities for a company’s Board of Directors. The board must take this seriously and the CEO must create the right internal environment for growth of senior management into their next roles, as well as groom the next generation of leaders. It is a challenge that should not be met in a corporate vacuum where the inevitability of change is underestimated. The right approach is balanced with an understanding of the outside executive marketplace, supply/demand, and appropriate compensation.

Leadership Assessment & Development

Launching an executive search brings our clients the “Power of Comparison.” If you only assess one qualified candidate, how will you know you have made the right choice? Allowing us to survey the market and present the top picks empowers a client to make an informed decision. Our clients benefit from the knowledge we have gained from interviewing literally thousands of leaders over the years. This marketplace expertise enables us to understand candidates more deeply, even to the point of recommending development programs that align with available talent and company goals. Assessment without a strong connection to development is a lost opportunity.

Family Business Consulting

Many of our clients represent family-owned businesses. These well branded, rich history organizations face unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to change management and leadership needs. It is vital to the continued success of the company for their leaders to share the family’s vision and work within the established culture for change when appropriate. Finding executives from outside the family who will lead the business into the next generation requires deep assessment and a great sense of respect for the company mission and vision.

Board Effectiveness

Effective boards have directors who have little agenda and an earnest desire to contribute and engage. Many private and smaller company Boards of Directors need to professionalize with a group of independent thought leaders who have experiences from similarly sized or larger companies that can add value. This requires diversity of thought, including functional expertise, industry, age, personality style, nationality, gender and more in order to complement the mission and bring together valuable ideas with a unified approach.


Our clients represent a broad array of industries. Our core is found at the intersection of manufacturing and technology, where clients serve numerous markets.

– Consumer goods
– Industrial Manufacturing

Specialty Chemicals
Advanced Materials
Consumer Products

– Life Sciences
– Private Equity
– Technology

Engineered Materials

Functional Areas

Typically, we deliver Board Level, C-Suite or functional Vice Presidents in the following disciplines:

– Engineering/Development
– Finance
– General Management
– Human Resources
– Information Technology
– Marketing
– Operations
– Sales